Front Fork Assembly for Honda CBR 250 | Set of 2

சேமிக்கவும் Rs. 2,760.00
Vehicle Compatibility

CBR 250

விற்பனை விலைRs. 6,900.00 வழக்கமான விலைRs. 9,660.00
இன்னும் 1 யூனிட் மட்டுமே உள்ளது

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Heavy-Duty Front Fork Pipe Assembly offers a comfortable ride & smooth handling even on those bumpy roads

    Product Info

     Brand   OES Front Fork Assembly
     Compatible Vehicle Model
      Honda CBR 250
     No. of Fork Pipe Assembly   Set of 2
     Material   High-Grade Alloy

    Why does Your Bike Needs High-Quality Fork Pipe Assembly?

    • Fork Pipe Assembly is responsible for providing suspension to the front end of your bike
    • It saves the rider from the bumps and bounces during the commute
    • Our robust and world-class fork pipe assembly lasts long and keeps your rides smooth

    Special Features

    • Constructed for better heat dissipation to reduce noise
    • Higher standards of safety and robustness
    • Long Service Life
    • Use of quality construction material to ensure a high level of performance
    • Beautiful aesthetics
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